8 Essential Items to Stock Up On When Starting the Keto Diet

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Getting started on the Ketogenic Diet can be somewhat of a daunting task if carbs are a regular part of your diet. Some of our singular favorite meals contain more than the daily allotted carbs when on the Keto diet, so the job of finding low-carb options can be scary to some. But I’ve decided to compile a short shopping list of the basic foods and supplies that will help you ease into the Keto diet, and you will be surprised by the endless possibilities.

1. Heavy Cream


Because Keto is a high fat and high protein diet, heavy cream will be your best friend when it comes to reaching your daily fat intake. In addition, other milks options such as whole milk or half and half contain a significant amount of sugar, adding unnecessary carbs to your diet. Heavy cream has a high fat content with little to no sugar which make it the best option of dairy in the ketogenic diet. Pair it with your morning coffee, protein shake, or add it to any recipe to give it a rich and creamy texture.

2. Almond Flour


Almond Flour has to be one of my most used product while being on the ketogenic diet. All purpose, bleached, unbleached, and white flours come from different grains that contain complex carbohydrates. All of these flours can slow down the process of ketosis and make you feel sluggish and tired. Almond flour is different because it is made purely from almond meal which is low in carbs. Use it to make keto muffins, pancakes, chicken tenders, and many more delicious keto meals.


3. Swerve 


The best substitute for sugar while on this diet is erythritol, which also goes by the brand name “Swerve”. Out of all of the sweeteners such as Stevia, Truvia, and Splenda, erythritol has the best texture and taste when it comes to duping actual cane sugar. It also measures equally to cane sugar, which the other sweeteners don’t necessarily do.

4. Eggs


One of the best protein packed foods to eat while on the diet are eggs, and you will eatcopious amounts. Whether in baked goods, ice-cream, or some good ol’ scrambled eggs in the morning, you can be assured that you will be getting you will be getting more than enough of your daily protein intake while ingesting little to no net carbs in the process.


5. Zucchini Noodles 

Zoodles: Zucchini Noodles

If you are a pasta lover like myself, giving it up was one of the hardest tasks when converting over to the ketogenic diet. Allow me to introduce you to zucchini noodles, which are by far the best dupe for grain pasta. Not only are they delicious with creamy alfredo sauce and Shrimp, they are also an excellent source for vitamin C in the diet, especially since many fruit cannot be eaten to remain in ketosis.

6. Parmesan Cheese

8176082114_3b318e4b1b_o (1)

Parmesan cheese, or really another other cheese for that matter, is truly essential to the diet. Cheese is loaded with fat to help you reach your daily intake easily, and admit it, who doesn’t love cheese. One of my favorite things to do with parmesan in particular isto make baked chips by mixing it with some spices. Just throw them in the oven and you’ll have an amazing fat bomb snack to munch on through the day. You can also throw a little kale in the chips to pack in the nutrients while barely adding carbs.

7. Butter

Dairy Product Food Table Milk Slice Of Butter

Butter will be in almost every ketogenic recipe you find on the internet, because it is such an easy way to add fat to any meal. I recommend using the Kerrygold brand not only because it is a grass-fed butter, but is once again a high fat product. When choosing a butter for the diet, make sure to get the full fat option rather than reduced fat, because it may add on extra carb that can be avoided otherwise.

8. Protein Powder

Green Protein Powder

Because this is a high protein diet, I highly recommend getting some sort of protein powder to add to your pantry. One of the most reliable protein powders someone can use of their diets is the Perfect Keto Grass-fed protein powder. As the name states, it is a guaranteed keto-safe option, but also tastes absolutely delicious! I prefer the chocolate flavor because it tastes like pure cocoa powder, but it also comes in vanilla and caramel. One of my favorite things to do is add this powder to my morning coffee and baked goods to add a little extra flavor while getting ample protein and collagen.

What Are Your Essentials?

These are some of the essential foods and ingredients that will ensure an easier transition into the Keto diet. While other may prefer other foods in their pantry, this list ensures the balance between high protein and fat and low carb while also packing into nutrients to keep you healthy during ketosis. Let me know your keto must-haves down below!

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