5 Ways to Combat the Dreaded Keto Flu


When many people begin the ketogenic Diet, it is not uncommon that they experience symptoms of the so-called “Keto flu”. The Keto flu are symptoms that the body experiences while transitioning from using carbs as the body’s main source of energy to using fats. These symptoms can include nausea, aching, muscle cramps, headache, brain fog, and for many, sugar cravings. Keto flu affects every individual person differently, and in some cases , people don’t even experience any symptoms. But for those of us who do, it can be a very discouraging time that has us desperate for cures. Well, luckily there are remedies that can sooth these symptoms, and pretty fast as well! Here are five ways to ease your way into ketosis and kick the dreaded Keto flu.

1.Drink LOTS of water


Now this is something you’ve surely been told to do on a daily basis, whether you’re on any diet or not. But with the Keto diet, this is especially important to do. The loss of water during the transition into ketosis is one of the top reasons symptoms arise, so make sure to drink at least two liters of water per day to replenish the water being expelled from your body.

2. Add salt to your water


Because the Keto Diet is significantly less on sodium than the average American diet, many people feel the side effects of the electrolyte imbalance occurring. This is also the reason why the body loses so much water during the transition, sodium allows the body to retain water and if there is not much sodium in the body, water loss is significant. One of the best ways to help the body with this issue is to adding about a ½ teaspoon of salt to each class of water you drink. And of course, it also would hurt to eat more foods higher in sodium if you aren’t a fan of drinking salt water.

3. Add more fat to your diet!


Many of us have lived our entire lives being afraid of consuming fats, but this is what our bodies run on while on the Keto Diet. Many of these fatiguing symptoms are our bodies trying to use up the small amount of carbs left in the body for energy. So the more fat we consume, the faster our body will transition from using carbs to fat to get our energy.

4. Do some light exercise.


When experiences symptoms of  he Keto diet, exercising is most likely the last things we want to do. But it can actually drastically improve how sluggish our bodies are during the transition. Trying taking a walk in the neighborhood or even so low intensity yoga to get your heart rate up slightly. This will help burn the remaining carbs in your body faster and promote the use of fats for energy.

5. Sleep it off


Now I’m not suggesting you take a day off from work or school, but make sure you get ample sleep each night to help the body cope with the dramatic diet change. The Center for Disease Control suggests that adults over the age of 18 should be sleeping at least 7 hours per night, so try to get a few more hours than that while your body is transitioning into ketosis.

Though people transitioning into ketosis experience the Keto flu on different levels, it can be a hassle no matter how many symptoms you get. These suggestions have been proven very successful in subduing some of the symptoms that just make us want to give up on the diet. Just know that these symptoms are temporary, and often last no more than a week. Once our body has fully transitioned, you can say bye bye to the keto flu. Let me know what techniques worked for you when battling the dreaded Keto flu!

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Combat the Dreaded Keto Flu”

    1. The progress your dad has made is amazing! One of the best aspects of this diet is that you see and feel the results really fast. Definitely share these tips with him if he is ever feeling symptoms of the keto flu.

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