10 Food Secrets You NEED to Know Before Starting the Keto Diet

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The average American diet consists of carbs on carbs on carbs, which makes the transition into the Keto diet that much harder for those who have followed that lifestyle their whole lives. Once people hear they can’t have sugar, rice, pasta, and mashed potatoes, they immediately rule out any possibility that they can succeed on this diet. But what they don’t know is that there are an infinite amount of substitutes for these foods that are not only delicious, but will keep you in a state of ketosis for the long haul. Not to mention most of these alternatives will actually help you reach your daily protein intake and get the essential nutrients your body deserves. So before you write off the Keto lifestyle, take a look at these 10 foods that will help dampen your carb cravings.

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5 Ways to Combat the Dreaded Keto Flu


When many people begin the ketogenic Diet, it is not uncommon that they experience symptoms of the so-called “Keto flu”. The Keto flu are symptoms that the body experiences while transitioning from using carbs as the body’s main source of energy to using fats. These symptoms can include nausea, aching, muscle cramps, headache, brain fog, and for many, sugar cravings. Keto flu affects every individual person differently, and in some cases , people don’t even experience any symptoms. But for those of us who do, it can be a very discouraging time that has us desperate for cures. Well, luckily there are remedies that can sooth these symptoms, and pretty fast as well! Here are five ways to ease your way into ketosis and kick the dreaded Keto flu.

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8 Essential Items to Stock Up On When Starting the Keto Diet

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Getting started on the Ketogenic Diet can be somewhat of a daunting task if carbs are a regular part of your diet. Some of our singular favorite meals contain more than the daily allotted carbs when on the Keto diet, so the job of finding low-carb options can be scary to some. But I’ve decided to compile a short shopping list of the basic foods and supplies that will help you ease into the Keto diet, and you will be surprised by the endless possibilities.

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