Links I Love

There are a lot of us in the Keto community that inspire each other with tips, tricks, and recipes to help us succeed. Here are a few of my fellow community members who will inspire you in your keto journey (and cravings!).

1. Keto Connect 

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Keto Connect is one of the first blogs I landed on when I first started researching the ketogenic diet. They split their blogs into two sections, recipes and lifestyle. So, while you may be on the blog to find types on how to order a Keto Starbucks drink, you may also encounter a delicious stuffed pepper recipe as well! They also have a Youtube channel where you can watch and following along while they make some of their best recipes. All things Keto can be found here.

2. Perfect Keto

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This is an excellent resources for anyone, no matter what stage of the Keto diet they’re in. There are ample recipes for each meal of the day, along with dessert, and any other food you can think of! They also have a blog specifically dedicated to staying healthy on the diet and getting all of the nutrient you need to keep your body strong during the transition into the diet. And of course, they sell one of the best, Keto-friendly, protein powder I have tried to date. Check it out!

3. Ketogenic Diet: Beginner’s Guide to Keto and Weight Loss

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This is the article I recommend to anyone who expresses interest in this diet. It is basically everything you need to know about the diet, condensed down into one spot. You can find the common symtpoms of the Keto flu, net carbs of keto-friendly vegetables, and the benefits that this diet has to offer. In addition, this article gives you types of how to reach ketosis faster and how to know you’re in ketosis. Seriously, this gives you the complete rundown of what this diet is like. So, start here!